Natural History Museums in the USA

Find the most popular natural history museums in the USA from all top destinations. There's 369 natural history museums in various cities of United States. The major states in the USA with top natural history museums are New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia and California. And the major cities are Washington, New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Denver.

Natural history museums are the perfect choice when it comes to finding a meeting point between what older and younger kids like. These types of museums offer everything from dinosaurs to the theory of evolution to ancient civilizations so there is always something interesting for anyone of any age. And, wherever you may be in the United States, there is always a natural history museum right around the corner.

Which natural history museums in the USA should you visit? Among the top choices include the National Museum of Natural History, the American Museum of Natural History, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, San Diego Natural History Museum, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Smithsonian National Museum of History, Field Museum, University of Michigan Exhibit Museum of Natural History, Museum of the Rockies, Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History, Virginia Museum of Natural History and many more.

USA States with Natural History Museums

The natural history museums of United States are listed in the following 50 states. Click on a state bellow to find natural history museums of that specific state.

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