Waterfalls in the USA

Find the most popular waterfalls in the USA from all top destinations. There's over 1,000 waterfalls in various cities of United States. The major states in the USA with top waterfalls are California, New York, Oregon, Arizona and Pennsylvania. And the major cities are Niagara Falls, Supai, Yosemite Village, Yellowstone National Park and Colorado Springs.

With the vastness of the land which is the United States, there will never be a shortage on natural wonders, including waterfalls, to visit in the country. Whether you are looking for a short dip or would simply like to stand in awe and marvel at the grandeur of these bodies of water, there is always a waterfall in the USA that you will find interesting.

What are the top cascades in the USA worth visiting? Try out the 51-meter Niagara Falls, 739-meter Yosemite Falls, 189-meter Multnomah Falls, 97-meter Vernal Fall, 65-meter Shoshone Falls, 480-meter Horsetail Fall, 38-meter Triple Falls, 111-meter Bridal Veil Falls or the 12-meter Alamere Falls. Other must visit places are the Palouse Falls in Washington, Grand Falls in Arizona, Sliding Rock and Havasu Falls in Arizona, Manawaiopuna Falls in Hawaii, Ruby Falls in Tennessee, Ramona Falls in Oregon, Seven Falls in Colorado and Ribbon Fall in California, among many others.

USA States with Waterfalls

The waterfalls of United States are listed in the following 46 states. Click on a state bellow to find waterfalls of that specific state.

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