Private vs. Public-Price

Where is it that you want to go? Do you want to do a little fishing, swimming, or hiking? Or just find a place in the woods to just hang out and take in the fresh air? If you have children, you might consider a campground that has activities or a playground. You want to find a place that will fit your desired location based on your need for the level of privacy you want. When you consider all this, you will need to decide on the price you are willing to pay for what you have chosen.  Some campgrounds reserve sites so you need to call ahead.  Many public campgrounds are on a first-come, first-serve basis.  


How far from home are you willing to go? Is it going to take you a day to get there? Is there something that you have been looking forward to seeing and a camping trip just fits into the plans as the inexpensive sleeping arrangement? If you are just using camping as a way to travel cross country, then this isn’t as important, but if you are considering the distance as a way to just get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take this as a vacation then you need to decide how far is far enough. 


Camping is many things to many people. Kids are happy setting a tent in the backyard, and a platoon leader is going to make his troops pitch a tent on a rock. Both of them already have an idea of comfort.  Let’s get some perspective here.  Are you going to be comfortable camping out in the back forty and have to make a place to use the restroom, or hoof it back to civilization? The Same idea applies to a shower.  Now there are some people out there that love nothing more than to go out into the wilds of nature and bathe in the river. Okay, if you’re twenty, maybe. Not in a campground, though.

Campsite-Pitching Your Tent

Pitching the tent is the most basic thing that has to be mastered. It is not as easy as anyone might think.  There have been people who have not placed the tent in a good spot and regretted coming too late.

The first thing to look for is flat ground.  Sounds simple, right? Not really. The best way to test for flat ground is to lay out your sleeping bag and test for comfort.  Make sure you get all the debris clear before pitching your tent.

Another thing you will need to look for is some form of windbreak. A tent out in the open on a windy night can be annoying, believe me. Unless you’re a heavy sleeper, you can forget about sleeping. 

Finally, look for a shaded area to pitch that tent.  You don’t want to wake up feeling like a steamed lobster. People have been known to suffer from heat exhaustion after staying in a sun-beaten tent too long. Please be careful. 

When it is all said and done, camping is a great opportunity to get back to nature, get away from a busy life, or just take the time to relax and recharge.

Author: Michaele Wagner