• Disney's Magic Kingdom World's #1 Most Visited Amusement Park. (Photo by Tom Bricker)
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom One of the world's most visited amusement park. (Photo by Ricardo Mangual)
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Amusement Parks in the USA

Find the most popular amusement parks in the USA from all top destinations. There's around 1,000 amusement parks in various cities of United States. The major states in the USA with top amusement parks are Florida, California, Texas, Ohio and New Jersey. And the major cities are Orlando, Lake Buena Vista, Anaheim, Sandusky and Williamsburg.

Traveling around the United States, especially in summer, is never complete without a visit to any of its numerous amusement parks. With the warm weather, there is never a shortage of such types of attractions to visit wherever you might be in the country.

Whether you are seeking for adrenaline-pumping thrills, fantasy-themed attractions or classic rides, you can be sure that there is one perfect for anyone regardless of age.

Among the top amusement parks to visit in the US include Magic Kingdom in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, which welcomes more than 19 million visitors annually. Other top parks are Disneyland in Anaheim at 16 million yearly visitors, Epcot in Lake Buena Vista with 11 million, Universal Studios Florida in Orlando at 8 million, Universal Studios Hollywood in Universal City at 6 million, SeaWorld San Diego in San Diego at 3 million and Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia at 2.8 million visitors per year.

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