It's All About A Good Time You start out with your picturesque image of a great family outing to the beach. Then your mind gets to going of all of things that could go wrong. We all do it, ruin a potentially great time with worrying. Beaches however are definitely a place to have your guard up, there are many things that can go wrong and often times, many things do. After grabbing some water bottles, towels and sunscreen read through these tips to help put your worrying at bay and be able to relax with your kids. Be Wary of Water.. It's Everywhere It's the beach, the beginning of the ocean and if you ever thought something could make you feel small a full horizon of endless water can do it. Water is a danger and most parents know this. We put locks on our toilets so image the anxiety of taking a toddler or particularly active kid to where there is just... water.  Accidents can happen, and genuine accidents not that someone dozed off for twenty minutes and woke up to find their kid gone. Rip tides can happen only a very short way off shore. Speaking of, the shore itself can go from knee deep to waist deep in just a few steps which is too much for kids to handle even if they know how to swim.  The best thing you can do when your child is around any body of water is to be with them. If you want to get out of the water for a bit then your child probably could use a little break too. There are plenty of other fun things to do at the beach than to stand in the ocean so be ready for sand based activities when you tire out and need a break. Keeping you and your kid entertained together will make the need to be right next to your child less of a stress and more of a memorable family day.  And the Creatures In It This one takes some planning, because you really have to teach your kid not to touch things that move...and don't move. Sea animals are adorably cute, and sometimes dangerous. Jelly fish of any form should be avoided, that's dead or alive. Similarly any creature you see should be treated with respect and not touched you are in its home. Many beaches have a slew of sea lions and seals that like to come and sunbathe on the sand as well. Your child can see the cute sea lion from a good ten or more feet away, similarly if your kid is older be sure that they understand that these are wild animals.  Life Saving Gear  There is one thing that can be the difference in life and death, a life jacket. Be sure your child has the appropriate size and that it fits snugly. This goes not only for the beach but any body of water that you feel is too deep or has too much current for you child's level of swimming. The current aspect is very important that people forget the push, pull, and waves that can knock a child down and keep them underwater.