Lady Liberty

An American Icon that no one can touch. Our first symbol of the United States renewed itself abolishing slavery and the Unions victory in the American Civil War. These common facts are often the most appreciated, but what fun facts aren't common knowledge? Put on your tour guide persona when you take your family to Liberty Island with these:

1. Some Assembly Required

The pedestal was still under construction when the Statue of Liberty landed in New York. To get to her place of honor she required assembly, having been shipped in 214 crates from France to the United States. However this wasn't her first trip to the United States... well not entirely. Her Torch had been on display at various times in both Boston and Philadelphia. Even though both cities protested for ownership of the statue that was awaiting to be re-constructed New York maintained that she wasn't fit for either, or more that... she was theirs. A true New York move that anything Boston wants, New York gets, or keeps or gets and keeps.  Construction completed after her safe guarding in wooden crates, and she stands upon Liberty Island of New York city. 

2. From France and Rome

The common knowledge part of this fact is that originally the Statue of Liberty is from France. Her designer and constructor was from France and she was displayed in his home for a period of time however his intention had been for her to be in America. Well, originally Egypt, but then America. The Statue of Liberty's designer traveled all across the United States seeing each border in both corners to fully understand what his statue must represent.   He eventually decided on the essence of the Statue of Liberty what was to be the symbol of freedom in America and to rally up a love of home and liberty in France was the Roman goddess of Liberty: Libertas. Holding a torch and tablet it is the not so easily seen detail of this giant goddess that captures her true purpose.

3. 7 is Her Lucky Number

Lady Liberty has seven windows to view from, and seven points on her crown. These are to represent the seven continents and the seven seas of the world. The aspect that this is supposed to bring in to light... get it, with the torch... is that the concepts of freedom and liberty should be universal truths known to all people of earth. 

4. Break these Chains

That minor, but definitely not small detail we mentioned earlier? Its the chains and shackles that lay at her feet. They are usually not easy to spot however they are the essence of freedom. Every detail that the Lady Liberty hosts is focused on her core values. These chains were broken and recognized as one of the many reflections of the recent abolition of slavery given the time.

5. How To Get Your Name In The Paper

Technically the construction of the Statue of Liberty to be in New York on Liberty Island was paid for by the people of France and New York. Mr. Pulitzer ran a segment in his paper that anyone who donated, even less than a dollar to the construction of the Statue of Liberty that their name would be run in the paper.