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Another state forming the Four Corners group – which include Utah, Arizona and New Mexico – is Colorado. Although it had relied a lot on agriculture back in the days, a lot has changed for Colorado and it has now been considered as the third best state for business in the country. The federal government plays a major role in its economy and several well-known brand names also started out in factories and laboratories in Colorado.  Its tourism industry has remained strong over the years and, in 2014, the state received a record-breaking 71.3 million visitors. Among the best things to do in The Centennial State include anything and everything – hiking, backpacking, horseback riding, rock climbing and mountaineering, fishing, camping, skiing and snowshoeing – in the Rocky Mountain National Park. Other popular attractions include the Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, Trail Ridge Road, the Denver Botanic Gardens, the Colorado National Monument and many others.

There are over 300 tourist attractions in Colorado. This is 1% of all tourist attractions listed in the USA. Top cities in Colorado with popular tourist destinations are Denver, Colorado Springs, Federal Heights, Montrose and Mesa Verde National Park. The major types of tourist attractions listed here are nature attractions and museums. Then there is also amusement parks listed in Colorado. You may find a list of all categories of Colorado attractions on this page. Click on a category to find all attractions of Colorado of that type.

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