Lakes in the USA

Find the most popular lakes in the USA from all top destinations. There's over 1,000 lakes in various cities of United States. The major states in the USA with top lakes are California, Montana, Michigan, New York and Florida. And the major cities are Bethel, Marion, Washington, Coulee Dam and Congress Township.

Nothing beats spending hot summer afternoons by the lake, catching fish or even swimming with friends. Fortunately, the US is scattered with thousands of lakes, both natural and man-made, so there will never be a shortage of these beauties. Now, all you have to do is gas up your car and search for these spectacular watery wonders.

Lake Powell was created after man decided to dam Glen Canyon – and it was a beauty. The largest natural lake in California, Mono Lake, had once been a lifeless sea which eventually transformed with time. Wyoming is home to the crystal clear waters with geysers and hot springs: the Yellowstone Lake. The United States is also home to the largest freshwater lake, called the Lake Superior, which boasts of a 2700-mile shoreline. Other beautiful lakes to see in the country are the Hanging Lake in Colorado, Lake Tahoe in Nevada, Flathead Lake in Montana, Crater Lake in Oregon, Lake George in New York and many more.

USA States with Lakes

The lakes of United States are listed in the following 50 states. Click on a state bellow to find lakes of that specific state.

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