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Ripan is a member since September 2016. (S)he has visited 5 places in United States. Besides United States, (S)he visited Bangladesh.

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  • Old Town Theme Park
    on 04/25/2017

    Such a great place!!!

  • Gatorland
    on 04/25/2017

    Lots of Gators!!!!

  • Kissimmee Lakefront Park
    on 04/25/2017

    Great waterfront park!!!

  • SeaWorld Orlando
    on 09/14/2016
    SeaWorld Orlando

    We love this place! Crazy coasters including Mako, Kraken and Manta are the best in Florida. The shows are fantastic. I definitely recommend this place. Don't miss Shamu Show!

  • Disney's Magic Kingdom
    on 09/12/2016
    Disney's Magic Kingdom

    Magical and happiest place on earth. Wonderful shows and the rides for all ages. Absolutely amazing experience!!!