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Pallab is a member since August 2015. He has visited 9 places in United States. He also has 2 attractions in his favorites list. Besides United States, He visited Bangladesh, Canada, United Kingdom and India.

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  • Great Falls Park
    on 01/03/2020
    Great Falls Park

    Great place for nature lovers! Around half an hour away from Dulles International Airport.

  • Sebastian Inlet Swimming Cove

    Great place to bring your kids! Water is not so deep in the cove. It is separated by net from the river and ocean for kids' safety. The beach is small but nice.

  • St. Augustine Beach
    on 07/18/2019
    St. Augustine Beach

    Good beach. Less crowd even in the summer holidays. The beach doesn't seem to be much wider, however clean and comfortable.

  • Oldest Store Museum
    on 07/18/2019
    Oldest Store Museum

    This is a very well preserved store in St. Augustine. Saw similar stores in western movies only. Never thought that I'd see one that was really operating hundreds of years ago! There are guided tours every 30 minutes. Buy the tickets way before your planned tour. We had to wait unexpectedly longer in the queue to buy tickets. Old Jailhouse and Historic Museum are all in the same area. So, buying package tickets to visit them all would be a moneysaver.

  • Clearwater Beach
    on 12/07/2018
    Clearwater Beach

    This beach is famous for white soothing sand. Great place for family fun.

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