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Pallab is a member since August 2015. He has visited 5 places in United States. He also has 2 attractions in his favorites list. Besides United States, He visited United Kingdom, Bangladesh, India and Canada.

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  • Clearwater Beach
    on 12/07/2018
    Clearwater Beach

    This beach is famous for white soothing sand. Great place for family fun.

  • Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo
    on 12/07/2018
    Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo

    It's a nicely organized zoo in Tampa. Great place to bring kids and family. Half a day should be enough to visit the major attractions of the zoo.

  • SeaWorld Orlando
    on 06/21/2018
    SeaWorld Orlando

    This is our most favorite park in Orlando. Its annual pass for Florida residents is way cheaper than that of Disney or Universal parks. We like the rides as well as the shows. They are outstanding! You can cover most of the major attractions of this park in a single day visit. But you must plan beforehand based on the timings of various shows.

  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park

    Visited Smoky Mountains couple of times, but the last one was in 2009. This is a great place to visit for any nature lover. The views are fabulous, specially during the end of September when all trees change their colors.

  • Disney's Magic Kingdom
    on 05/22/2016
    Disney's Magic Kingdom

    If you are on a short trip and can't make it to all 4 Disney parks in Orlando, at least don't miss to visit the Magic Kingdom. This is the best one. Also don't miss the fireworks.

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